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I love working directly with brands, it allows me to foster a relationship that's build on trusting each others vision and creating a beautiful and engaging product that we are both happy with. I started working with Carolina Herrera a few months back when they asked me to shoot their resort presentation and visually we just clicked. I had a great time shooting it and the content I created was exactly what they were looking for.

Since then we have been working closely on a few projects the most recent of which was this BTS video of their bridal campaign. I wanted to go with a softer more romantic feel for this and though its really different with most of my other videos I was really happy with the way it came out. And the music Amaad Bhatti created for this was the perfect marriage (pun intended). 

Moving forward you will see a bunch more work that I will be creating for them. The next project will be to shoot their show at fashion week, which i'm super excited about.