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I was offered an incredible opportunity to create a film document the making of the Oscars stage for Swarovski. (wow, even typing that sentence is a bit surreal). Jobs like these really challenge me and push me to do my best. And at the end of it I'm humbled and it further strengthens my belief in telling stories. The camera takes me amazing places and gives me experiences I would never be able to have, and this is why I keep doing what I do.

Shot and edited by me. 
Music by @amaadbhatti

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Professional Bull Riding at Madison Square Garden

Never did I think I would end up at Madison Square Garden shooting the Professional Bull Riding Competition. They contacted me and told me they wanted me to shoot this competition in the same style I shoot fashion shows. It kind of made sense, both live shows, high energy, everything time sensitive and fast paced - without hesitation I signed up to do it. Such a great experience. 

DJI Osmo Test Footage

I ordered the DJI Osmo the day that it dropped and it finally came in this week. I really got a chance to play with it over Thanksgiving and shot this test footage at the Whitney. This really is an amazing device that produces really smooth footage. It has its drawbacks though and I'll probably go into all of that when I do a full on review on my site. 

Tell then check this out and share your thoughts below.


I'm Shooting the making of the Bergdorf Goodman holiday windows which are being done in collaboration with Swarovski. The video is on its way but I wanted to share some photos that I took while on that shoot. 

I had never been to Bergdorf's before this really, especially not in the women's store. I was really impressed with how beautifully designed it is. This is exactly what a department store should look like. Every floor I went on and every corner I turned was incredibly beautiful. 

PUBLIC SCHOOL Backstage and Runway Video

Public School has got to be one of my favorite brands that show at NYFW. When I took this project on I was particularly excited to get in there and create this video. However, not all shows are the same and I did not have full access backstage or on the runway. Public School kept it pretty tight only allowing their in house photographers to shoot first looks backstage. It was kind of a security shit show but I managed to get a few shots backstage and then run to the runway and squeeze in between rows somewhere along the runway. Not the best spot in the house but I did what I could. 

Shot for NYFW, re-edited to Drake because I was bored and felt like it. 


Another season collaborating with @LibertyFairs results in a video full of ballerinas, brands and beautiful moments. I can't thank the whole Liberty team enough for trusting me with this vision and letting me run around with a camera and do my thing. Huge shoutout to @joekenneth_ for the inspiring voice over and @amaadbhatti for this stunning audio track. Please take a moment to watch the full video above. 🙏