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There isn't much to do in Milan and that's the reason not many people enjoy it but here why I like it: There is so much great architecture everywhere, its beautiful, so the city becomes a great backdrop to shoot street style on. All my Milan videos have a certain for feel to them for this reason.
The 2nd reason is because things slow down a bit once you get to Milan (if you're working all of fashion month) and it's a nice change of pace after London and New York. A break full of stuffing my face with pasta is much needed.


Right after we finished shooting New York Fashion Week, Humai and I hopped on a plane to London. We were scheduled to shoot a few shows for Swarovski and cover street style for HEED. 

Shooting street style quickly became one of the things I love doing the most. There's a playful, game like challenge to it, and it's exciting running around in a foreign city searching for dope style. I'm hooked, hopefully I'll be doing a lot more of this. 

Here are the two videos I shot while I was out there. up Milan.


Another season collaborating with @LibertyFairs results in a video full of ballerinas, brands and beautiful moments. I can't thank the whole Liberty team enough for trusting me with this vision and letting me run around with a camera and do my thing. Huge shoutout to @joekenneth_ for the inspiring voice over and @amaadbhatti for this stunning audio track. Please take a moment to watch the full video above. 🙏


I love working directly with brands, it allows me to foster a relationship that's build on trusting each others vision and creating a beautiful and engaging product that we are both happy with. I started working with Carolina Herrera a few months back when they asked me to shoot their resort presentation and visually we just clicked. I had a great time shooting it and the content I created was exactly what they were looking for.

Since then we have been working closely on a few projects the most recent of which was this BTS video of their bridal campaign. I wanted to go with a softer more romantic feel for this and though its really different with most of my other videos I was really happy with the way it came out. And the music Amaad Bhatti created for this was the perfect marriage (pun intended). 

Moving forward you will see a bunch more work that I will be creating for them. The next project will be to shoot their show at fashion week, which i'm super excited about.