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Backstage with Asim Azhar, Zack Knight and Amar Sandhu at APPNA

My homie Rummi, who I have mentioned here before, hit me up to cover another show he put together during the APPNA convention. I shot a bunch of video of the performance (which I'll be putting up soon) but was able to capture a few photos throughout the weekend.

IMG_3733Asim Azhar and Amar Sandhu cracking up on a late night McDonalds run a night before the show.

IMG_3755 IMG_3767The grind never stops.

IMG_3782From left to right : Zack Knight, Rummi Khan, Amar Sandhu, Asim Azhar and DJ Born Swift prepping for their show.

IMG_3798 IMG_3806 IMG_3862Zack Knight, Amar Sandhu and Asim Azhar

IMG_3965 IMG_3967 IMG_3972 IMG_3975 IMG_3993 IMG_4016 IMG_4039 IMG_4047