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Atif and Humai
Atif and Humai Wedding-1

I don't really post much personal content here but I wanted to share with you that Humai and I got married last month on the 17th. It really was a beautiful evening and I want to thank Eli Schmidt for capturing it so perfectly.

Above photos by Ali Reza Malik

Above photo by Ali Reza Malik

Above photo by Ali Reza Malik

Backstage with Asim Azhar, Zack Knight and Amar Sandhu at APPNA

My homie Rummi, who I have mentioned here before, hit me up to cover another show he put together during the APPNA convention. I shot a bunch of video of the performance (which I'll be putting up soon) but was able to capture a few photos throughout the weekend.

IMG_3733Asim Azhar and Amar Sandhu cracking up on a late night McDonalds run a night before the show.

IMG_3755 IMG_3767The grind never stops.

IMG_3782From left to right : Zack Knight, Rummi Khan, Amar Sandhu, Asim Azhar and DJ Born Swift prepping for their show.

IMG_3798 IMG_3806 IMG_3862Zack Knight, Amar Sandhu and Asim Azhar

IMG_3965 IMG_3967 IMG_3972 IMG_3975 IMG_3993 IMG_4016 IMG_4039 IMG_4047