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SNAP STORY TIME : New York Fashion Week

Lately I've been pretty obsessed with Snapchat (I'll get into why that is in another post). After they started allowing users to download their stories I started saving some of the ones I liked. I was shooting a bunch of different gigs during New York Fashion Week and I decided to document it all in a Snap Story. Would really be interested in your feedback on this.

Interview with Prologue Profiles

My buddy Dan Feld is the creator and host of a podcast called Prologue Profiles. The podcast is a series of conversations with entrepreneurs and artists chronicling their stories aiming to inspire people to create their own path in life. I was honored and nervous when Dan asked me to share my story but he did a great job guiding the conversation and putting it all together. Enjoy, click here for Prologue Profiles Ep. 078 : Atif Ateeq.


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Atif and Humai
Atif and Humai Wedding-1

I don't really post much personal content here but I wanted to share with you that Humai and I got married last month on the 17th. It really was a beautiful evening and I want to thank Eli Schmidt for capturing it so perfectly.

Above photos by Ali Reza Malik

Above photo by Ali Reza Malik

Above photo by Ali Reza Malik