Make Sure Your Artwork Instagrams Well

atif ateeq Kara Walker Domino-1 Every so often an art exhibit comes to town that continually pops up on your Instagram feed and keeps feeding your intrigue until you actually go see it. Last year it was Ann Hamiltons : the event of a thread, this year it's Kara Walker's work at the Domino Sugar Factory. A few weeks back all I saw on my Instagram feed was this larger than life woman on all fours made out of sugar and that's probably the only reason I went to go see it. I had seen so many Instagrams of this show that I knew EXACTLY what it looked like and I still wanted to go see it, if only to experience it's scale.

It was worth the visit though. The space is incredible and had a really powerful symbiotic relationship with the work. Pretty much every piece draws you towards itself and forces you to stare. But the Sphinx took it to another level, her being the centerpiece of it all made you orbit herself while you stared. The organizers did a really good job with crowd control, you don't feel rushed and have the opportunity to take your time with each piece.

Moral of the show: make sure your artwork Instagrams well, more people will go see it.

atif ateeq Kara Walker Domino-2Line looks laughably long but moves fast so don't let that deter you.

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