Best Way to Scan Negatives Quickly

I've been going through a lot of my old 35mm negatives and wanted to bring a few of them back to life. I have an Epson 4990 Flatbed scanner that I have used in the past, the quality is dope but it's so clunky and takes forever to scan a negative. I started poking around and found the Wolverine Film to Digital Converter on Amazon. I was skeptical of it because it kind of looks like a toy and I'm a bit particular about my neg scan quality but I though I give it a try. atif ateeq film scaner-1

Get it yesterday and it must have taken 3 minutes for me to take it out of the box, hook it up and have a scanned file on my desktop. This speed is a huge plus! So I went ahead and scanned another 30 imaged in less than 10 minutes. After using it for about a day here are a few thoughts:

  • The speed at which it scans is incredible, it's so fast that sometimes I have to go back and double check if it actually scanned the image or not.
  • It's small and portable. It does not need to be plugged into a computer to scan, it has some internal storage and a slot to plug in an SD card for additional storage.
  • Though it created a 20MP file the file quality in no way is archival or good enough to hang in a museum/gallery. But for web files, Instagram, or general working scans it's amazing. Just look at some of the samples below.
  • It can convert 35mm, 110, 126KPK and Super 8 Slides & Negatives. It does not however scan medium format film which was a bit of a let down but I guess you cant have it all for $79.99

atif ateeq film scaner-3 atif ateeq film scaner-2

If you are someone who shoots film occasionally I recommend adding this to your workspace to make quick scans and then use a more powerful scanner to make scans for prints or archiving. Click here to check it out on Amazon.

atif ateeq film scans-1 atif ateeq film scans-2 atif ateeq film scans-3 atif ateeq film scans-4 atif ateeq film scans-5 atif ateeq film scans-6