On Tour With Mickey Singh

Mickey Singh by Atif Ateeq-16 I've been following Mickey Singh's career for a few years now - mainly because my good friend Rummi Khan manages him. I remember a few years back Rummi being really excited to tell me that he had discovered a super talented dude who sings in both English and Punjabi and has real potential to blow up. I had never seen Mickey perform so when they came to Connecticut as part of their tour we all planned to meet down there, watch the show and get rowdy.

Side note - if you are brown you probably know who Rummi Khan is, not because he is famous or anything (although he's getting there) but simply because he is super social and a connector within the South Asian community. Beyond that Rummi owns CMMNWLTH MGMT, a full service south asian artist management agency. He's been doing this for a minute and he knows his shit.

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Mickeys been doing this for a few years but only recently did he drop his first mixtape, cleverly titled Mick's Tape. And honestly I stopped listening to urban/desi fusion music when old school Jay Sean and Juggy D stopped doing it. I guess I'll listen to a little bit of RDB here and there but I've mostly been disconnected. I'm not sure if that's because I've lost interest or there really hasn't been anyone good come out of the scene. Mick's Tape has a strong number of really dope tracks on it and if you haven't already, I'd give it a listen.

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Rummi invited me down to UCONN to check out Mickey perform and I didn't really know what to expect. It's really hard to have perspective on how famous someone you personally know is and I wasn't really prepared to see him absolutely murder a venue full of brown kids, singing to his every lyric and vibing with him hard.

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Also got a chance to meet DJ BornSwift aka Salman and his wife Anam who flew down from Chicago. Salman was rocking Vane shoes that I didn't even have, woof!

Here's some backstage action...

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Bornswift and Asim Azhar, who is a new Pakistani singer CMMNWLTH just picked up - he opened for Mickey that night.

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And of course after the party it's the hotel lobby party.

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For all the images from this weekend click here.

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