In Vegas for Liberty Fairs

A few months ago I was in Vegas shooting this video for Liberty Fairs. I've been to Vegas a lot, at first it was to show Vane at trade shows and then for a few video project and in my time there I came to hate it. I don't gamble, I've cut down a lot on partying and coming from NY thats really isnt a selling point, I don't do strip clubs and I hate the there really isn't anything I enjoy doing down there. That being said I actually had a great time while on this trip. The key is to get off the strip and stay out of the clubs.

DSC08127Addicted to screens

DSC08131My client booked me an unnecessarily large suite at the Palazzo. But then again I guess Vegas is all about going BIG

DSC08135Casual Hotel room selfie

DSC08136Capsule has some extra wild displays by their show. I know they were trying to be edgy but I kinda thought it was tacky.

DSC08138 DSC08141Went to XS to say hi to Diplo

DSC08168New homies.

_20C0225Getting on the catwalk and shooing down at the show was pretty cool.

_20C0244 _86A0224Photo by Tone

DSC08171So this was my favorite part of the trip. My homie Jeff, founder of Blind Barber, hosted a dinner in downtown old Vegas at the Carson Kitchen. This place was more my vibe and the food was amazing. If you ever find yourself in Vegas get off the strip and go here for a meal.

DSC08174 DSC08176 DSC08184 DSC08193 DSC08205 DSC08209 DSC08221 DSC08235Red eye back to NYC