I've been completely focused on HAPPYMONDAY for the last few months. It's kept me busy and tired, inspired and completely thrilled about the direction things are heading in. 

That's why it's quiet here on my site.

If you want to see most of the work I've been doing you can find it all on www.HAPPYMONDAY.studio

🤔 So, what is HAPPYMONDAY? 
It's a company I just launched, a content studio that helps brands create great videos for social media. We work closely with brands and find innovative ways to think about content that helps amplify their story in an authentic and fun way. 🎥
Humai and I started this project together and it's been an incredible ride. We've been traveling and learning so much - creating content for incredible brands I only dreamed of working with.

It's been real and 2018 is looking even bigger with us kicking the year off creating videos during the Golden Globes and then at the Sundance Film Festival. 

Going to try and share more here. 


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