Last week I did a Pop-Up shop with Product of Culture in the Lower East Side where I released a bunch of new hats and got to connect with so many new faces in the brown community. 

I love events like these because it allows us to take the digital relationships that we have with one another and experience them IRL. We get to connect with people that are buying our stuff online and people get to try things on before they buy it. Win win. 

Shout out to all the artists that participated this time around!

Babbu the Painter
Jessie Sohpaul
Roots Gear
By Badal
Jasmine Lakhesar
Fateh doe
Shantanu Sharma
DJ Sharad


This project was never really about making money or selling hats. It was about having conversations and connecting with one another. An exploration of identity that is ever going and evolving. I love every person I meet at these things, they all have something interesting to say about where they're at in their specific journeys. I always walk away learning a lot and feeling closer to the creative community as a whole. 


The pop-up is called 'Product of Culture' and is a project that features creators and artists in the south asian community by providing them with a space to sell their products and art. 





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