...with love from Paris.

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Paris is starting to feel like a second home. The city feels familiar now, I seem to know where to find things I need. 

We're here shooting a few fashion shows during Couture Fashion Week for Swarovski. It's rainy but I don't mind, I enjoy a gloomy day from time to time. 

I've been thinking a lot about how to document my journey. A few weeks back in LA I decided I was going to give the vlogging thing a shot and documented my time out there on a Sony A6500 and tried to edit in real time. It didn't really work. I found it cumbersome. It's intrusive of the moment... of all moments. It's exhausting to constantly be 'on' in that way and I couldn't keep up considering I had client videos to work on. A few days in I gave up on this approach. 

Instead I invested in an iPhone X and outfitted it with the Moment case and wide lens. I figured that if I was going to document my story it had to be a super portable setup and I needed to be able to edit it on the go. I did some research and found that LumaFusion was the best most robust video editing app for iOS. I got familiar and practiced for a few days. 

On this trip I tried to release a daily video on my IG story that took people into my day. This process seems to work and I'm able to put out content in real time and having a lot of fun doing so. 

<- This is an Instagram Story from 4 days in Paris stitched together into one long video. Would love feedback on this, DM me your thoughts on Instagram

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My favorite Restaurants this trip

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...until next time ✌🏽

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