There are a lot of new people following my work so I'll start with a short intro. 

I breathe and create in New York City, spending my days telling stories with visuals. I create bite-sized pieces of photo and video content to help brands engage with their audiences on social media. Lately I've been working a lot in the fashion space and over the last year have shot fashion weeks in NY, London, Milan, Paris, Tokyo and's been insane. I'll go more into detail on this whole journey in another post but that's all you need to know to be caught up. 

This season started with New York Fashion Week and one of my projects was to create street style videos for @NYFW. I was hype, I love shooting these videos. even though we kicked the week off with a blizzard and had a few rainy days I still really loved the way these came together. 

I'll continue to roll out content here and if you have any comments or questions feel free to contact me directly

If you're interested in seeing the videos that I'm currently working on please check out my Instagram, thats where I post in real time.