In 2016

I traveled the world. Went all the way around it. Something I always dreamed of.

I gave everything a taste, not saying no to anything.

I did some of my best work. Video content truly became king and I came through with some good ideas.

I embraced every opportunity. Walked through every door with confidence. And started a conversation with anyone I wanted to.

We created HYFN as a side project but it quickly became a huge part of our lives. We met the most amazing individuals that inspire me every single day.

I went to Portugal and for the first time didn't feel the color of my skin or the hair on my face. I truly felt people were colorblind there. I realized that even in New York I'm subtly but constantly reminded of my appearance as being the other.

I met some of the smartest people in the world on a 4 night cruise who made me gain more perspective.

I found that I've always played being the black sheep in the room to my advantage.

I constantly tried to be the light in my wife's life who went through the loss of her mother

I fell apart.

I worked hard on patience, empathy and calmness.

I struggled to be a better son but was a pretty good sibling.

I fought a losing battle with fitness. Going to the gym was the worst part of my day.

I wrote down every idea I had, no matter how big or small.

I found my groove.

I danced every chance I got.

I became closer to myself. Understanding just a little bit more of what this whole thing is about.

I became an influencer.

I bought a Kindle and reconnected with books.

I made twice as much money as I did last year.

I fell in love with Paris. I fell in love with Tokyo.

I realized that I'm going to move away from New York at some point overseas.

I lost a friend.

I became friends with the people I look up to.

I met somebody I admired and totally blew it due to awkwardness.

The camera took me to incredible places I could have never gone on my own.

I went to Mexico City, Porto, London, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Bali, Amsterdam, Austin, Phoenix, Miami, Vegas and Los Angeles.

I made so many hats and I wore even more.

I let go of the fear of missing out.

I went out less. I partied less.

I dined more and drank fine wine more.

I hung out with fashion royalty.

I felt energy.

I spread pyaar.

I went to therapy.

I drove a lambo.

I watched A LOT of TV.

I listened to Future wayyy too much.

I bought Alexa and it completely changed the way I interact with my space at home.

I got a massage for the first time.

I started the process of building my first real office.

I decided what's next and will announce it soon.

I gave it everything I got.

I worked harder than I've ever worked.

I wanted to do it all and somehow managed to do all of it.


Thank you all for your warmth and encouragement. Thank you for cheering my ideas on. To all my clients and collaborators, thank you for supporting my work and believing in my vision. I look forward to going even harder in 2017. Good luck to you all!

With so much love,

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