The Making of HANDS UP - 1


As I mentioned in my previous post, HANDS UP is an interactive exhibit I am working on with Roopa Vasudevan. We are building the installation all this week and I'm going to document the whole process, here and on Snapchat.

The last few weeks we have been working on getting the tech to work and building a small scale prototype. The piece is 8'x12' so we really didnt have a place to build it before we had access to the gallery. So we still really dont know exactly what this is going to end up looking like.


Today we spent driving around picking up materials and supplies and we able to get into the space late in the day to drop everything off and paint a few panels. Tomorrow the real build begins. Stay tuned.


I'm snapping this whole week. To follow along in real time add me on Snapchat : atifateeq


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