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Mexico City for the First Time

I really have to get better about updating this blog. Truth is I don't really know if anyone if reading this or not. There no feedback loop, no 'like' button for you to hit letting me know that I'm not just speaking to an empty room. Either way, empty room or not, I have to keep telling the story. So once again I promise to make this a regular thing. Here we go...

I'm currently in Mexico City on an assignment for Swarovski. They have a pretty impressive installation at Art Basel Miami in December and the architect of that installation, Fernando Romero, is based in Mexico City. We are down here to document his process to tie into the final video that will tell the story of this piece. That is our primary purpose for being down here but my schedule allowed me to tack on a few days for me to just kick it and explore Mexico City. 

I've never been here before...actually, I did come to Acapulco for spring break in college but I feel like that doesn't count. Even if it did Mexico City is quite different, it's a really big, diverse, very populated city that has a lot going on. I intend to take full advantage of my free time here and check out as much of the city as I can but for now we got off the plane and straight to the taco spot. I am very committed to eating at the hole in the wall, local spot that provides the most authentic experience. So any time I'm in a new city the first thing I do is ask the cab driver where he loves to eat and tell him to just take me there. I've have yet to have a bad first meal. 

More to come, stay tuned.