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PODCASTAN Episode 18 - The Struggle To Stay Relevant (And... Sober)

In today's episode, we split the episode between two topics. The first half of the episode looks at the tempo of our everyday lives, and how keeping up with news, trends, and music is becoming, essentially, a full-time job. Also, alcohol is haram, right? What about all y'all weed smokers?

Stay tuned for an update on Ali's dating corner.
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PODCASTAN EP 13 - I'm The Boss Now
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This episode Ali and I talk about the paths that led us to today, and how the portrait of us at 30 years old is nothing like what we planned at 20. The conclusion? Stop planning so much. You won't stick to it, anyway.

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PODCASTAN EP 12 : What the F#@K is Art
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This episode Ali and I debate on the definition, legitimacy, and context of art. If you've been to a museum, stared long and hard at an exhibit, and said "I don't get it" to yourself under your breath... we have an answer for that.

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