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Am I moving to LA?


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...not quite. However, every time I go to the west coast, I like it just a little bit more. And with this last trip I was pretty convinced that LA was in my future. It's unclear what form that will take considering my unhealthy attachment to New York is at an all time high but I'm open to it. Humai and I were down there for Jeff and Gabi's wedding, we were both invited as guests but they also asked me to shoot their wedding video, which I was thrilled about. I had never shot a wedding and this was the perfect opportunity to see what I would come up with.

We stayed at a less than charming airbnb but it was located in my favorite part of LA, Venice, right in the cut. Abbott Kinney was a few blocks away and so was the beach. In my experience (and I could be totally off) there aren't very many parts of LA that feel like neighborhoods. You cant just wake up and walk to the coffee spot before you start your day. There's a lot of driving to everything goin on there. So for that reason I stopped being annoyed at my shitty airbnb and started enjoying the hood.

This winter I'm planning on going back and having an extended stay, really get a feel for it and possibly explore being bicoastal. My work allows for it and will only benefit from it. Lets see...

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Ok so it may seem a bit ridiculous to rent a convertible when you are traveling, and in most cases it is, but like I mentioned earlier there is a whole lot of driving in this city so you might as well rent a car you enjoy being in. It's clutch.

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Sometimes Humai stops at the perfect spot to take a photo.

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Here is one thing that people are really into and I don't even care for - the beach. My skin, in general, is not very sun friendly and why the fuck would I want to go tanning. So I kind of just shrug when people out there brag about living close to the beach.

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Really love the visuals in Venice.

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Went to Runyon and was super underwhelmed. Not sure what all the fuss is about.

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LA Selfie

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More dope visuals in Venice.

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This is the first trip I didnt have my SLR on me. I only shot with my phone or the Sony RX-100, my pocket cam.

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Went to LACMA and saw a great exhibit on Islamic Art, glad we caught that.

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My gear + all the gear I rented to shoot Jeff and Gabi's wedding. Here is a little preview of the video...

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