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You've probably heard me mentioning Anik Khan on social media. He's a Queens based rapper of Bengali descent. We met a few months back at my Hands Up exhibit and hit it off. We vibed (he hates that word) on a bunch of stuff but mainly on that fact that both of our work has elements of the South Asian immigrant story. Anik asked me to creative direct his brand and honestly I didn't even have to think about it that much, I was down to help his voice be heard because it needs to be. He tells this story really well and young brown people need someone to look up to.

This is the first shoot we did together. It was to be the first set of imagery he puts out with the launch of his EP "I Don't Know Yet". I wanted to capture Anik appearing from within a cloud a smoke and show him repping both his Benagli and American heritage. Keep your ear on this dude and check his music below.