Grown Ups Playing Dress Up

This blog can't all just be about work, feel me? Must balance work with play.

Last month we went to our friend Vicki's Burning Man themed birthday party and the dress code was strictly enforced. Perfect excuse for me to pull out the cheetah hoodie and throw some eye liner on. 

Vicki is a new addition to our social circle. We met her at Camp No Counselors and hit it off with her pretty hard, she's probably one of the only people that we met there and are still tight with. I really don't like summing up people in a few words on a blog post but anytime we see her its all love and positive vibes, she exudes happiness but at the same time she's a no bullshit type of person and will keep is 100 with you, the type to make you check yourself. You need people like that in your life. 

She's recently quit her job and currently traveling the globe, something I cant wait to do one day. Here's a card we gave her on her way out cheering her on ->

Aside from being a truly warm person she is a great writer and storyteller, you can check out some of her work here

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