...with love from Paris.
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Paris is starting to feel like a second home. The city feels familiar now, I seem to know where to find things I need. 

We're here shooting a few fashion shows during Couture Fashion Week for Swarovski. It's rainy but I don't mind, I enjoy a gloomy day from time to time. 

I've been thinking a lot about how to document my journey. A few weeks back in LA I decided I was going to give the vlogging thing a shot and documented my time out there on a Sony A6500 and tried to edit in real time. It didn't really work. I found it cumbersome. It's intrusive of the moment... of all moments. It's exhausting to constantly be 'on' in that way and I couldn't keep up considering I had client videos to work on. A few days in I gave up on this approach. 

Instead I invested in an iPhone X and outfitted it with the Moment case and wide lens. I figured that if I was going to document my story it had to be a super portable setup and I needed to be able to edit it on the go. I did some research and found that LumaFusion was the best most robust video editing app for iOS. I got familiar and practiced for a few days. 

On this trip I tried to release a daily video on my IG story that took people into my day. This process seems to work and I'm able to put out content in real time and having a lot of fun doing so. 

<- This is an Instagram Story from 4 days in Paris stitched together into one long video. Would love feedback on this, DM me your thoughts on Instagram

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My favorite Restaurants this trip

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...until next time ✌🏽

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HAPPYMONDAY created all the social video content for the Cabana Trade Show in NYC. In addition to the below recap video we created daily recaps and Instagram stories for all three days.

Click here for the full set of content. 

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Last Trip of 2017 : Northern California
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I've been completely focused on HAPPYMONDAY for the last few months. It's kept me busy and tired, inspired and completely thrilled about the direction things are heading in. 

That's why it's quiet here on my site.

If you want to see most of the work I've been doing you can find it all on www.HAPPYMONDAY.studio

🤔 So, what is HAPPYMONDAY? 
It's a company I just launched, a content studio that helps brands create great videos for social media. We work closely with brands and find innovative ways to think about content that helps amplify their story in an authentic and fun way. 🎥
Humai and I started this project together and it's been an incredible ride. We've been traveling and learning so much - creating content for incredible brands I only dreamed of working with.

It's been real and 2018 is looking even bigger with us kicking the year off creating videos during the Golden Globes and then at the Sundance Film Festival. 

Going to try and share more here. 


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Paris makes me rethink my whole stance on

never wanting to move away from New York.

It's the only other city I've been to that has the kind of charm and swag that's inspiring and up lifting. Even gloomy, rainy days somehow feed into the romance of the landscape. I've really been feelin' it and I'm thrilled that I get to go there a bunch recently. 

I work with Swarovski consistently and their Paris office often have activations and events that need content. They really understand the value video plays into them sharing their story with the world and our partnership is a true collaboration of ideas and vision which makes it even more fun to work with them.   

This couture week they invited me to Paris to create a few really fun videos  

  • Backstage and runway of the Alexandre Vauthier show
  • The Vogue Gala
  • Schiaparelli runway show
  • A private viewing of the Swarovski Atelier Fine Jewelry Collection
  • Documentation of Swarovski's presence at the 70 Year Anniversary Exhibit at Les Arts Decoratifs

This was a crazy week of non stop work but each project was truly a wonderful experience that I feel blessed to have had. 

I also was able to check out the Lourve and the Eiffel Tower up close for the first time, ate some of the best sandwiches I've ever had and kept on running into Bella Hadid - to the point where I think its awkward that she hasn't introduced herself to me yet. 

It's fun...its always fun. And I hope I keep coming back here. 

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